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But I Want MY Music! (For Brides and Grooms)

You and your friends and family may have definite tastes in certain music. Odds are, though, not everyone attending your reception likes the exact same thing. Your wedding is all about you. Your reception is, too, but it’s more about your guests celebrating your day.  Don’t make the mistake of letting your ego get in the way and thinking It’s my day and I don’t care what anyone thinks! I’m going to do it my way!” If this is the case, and you just can’t get past it, you would probably be better off eloping in Las Vegas. To a certain extent, it is about your guests. For example, once in a while the groom does not want to do that “special dance”with their mom (or dads, for the brides). The excuse usually is something like“I don’t dance that well”,or “I don’t feel comfortable”. Those dances aren’t really for the bride or groom, anyway. It’s about honoring your parents for being part of your special day. Emotions run high during this very special day of your life. If you really want your guests to attend a wedding they will remember forever, remember them, too.

Music Selection


No doubt you will want to have some input with your DJ about your music choices for your day. The featured dances (First Dance, Bride/Father Dance, etc are covered under my Wedding Reception Planning Worksheet. I like to understand what type of music the couplereally likes. This way, I will know what tastes they have, but it also leaves options open for the DJ to “read” the crowd, take requests, and generally keep the party moving along. I have had brides that have submitted over 100 songs to be played at a reception. This is not feasible- the math doesn’t work. For example: A four-hour reception: Arrival and dinner will last approximately 90 minutes. With time out for toasts, featured dances, etc, your typical 4-hour reception will have about two good hours of dancing (maybe two and a half). The average song length is 3.5 minutes, working out to about 17 songs per hour. This equals about 35-45 songs per reception.